Saturday, 23 February 2008

Saudi Crime News: 57 Men Arrested for Flirting at Malls

"Prosecution and Investigation Commission will start investigating on Saturday 57 young men arrested here by police for allegedly flirting with girls at local malls.
The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice summoned the police to make the arrests Thursday night.
The Commission had received reports of their "bad" behavior at different malls in Makkah.
The young men were accused of wearing indecent clothes and playing loud music and dancing to it to attract girls' attention.
A source at the Commission said that 20 of its staffers and policemen were dispatched to the troubled areas and police arrested the young men and transferred them to the Al-Mansour Police Station.
None of them resisted arrest, the source said.
The source added that those found innocent upon investigation would be released. The others would be referred to a court of law.
Guardians of some of the young men came to their defense, saying that the young men would usually get together on the weekend to have fun without violating the social code of conduct by imposing themselves on the girls at the malls."

Saudi Gazette, 23 February 2008
Try to read this with the voice of a news reporter.

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