Friday, 30 November 2007

Play a tune on the radio and cure AIDS

"Right now AIDS in Africa could be significantly ameliorated by a simple tune played on the radio across Africa."
Is there noe end to the evils of homeopathy?

Monday, 26 November 2007

Anti-gay church vows to take control of Microsoft

"An evangelical Christian pastor has vowed to take over Microsoft, one of the world's largest companies by packing it with shareholders who will vote against their policy of advocating gay rights. The Reverend Ken Hutcherson, a former Dallas Cowboys player is the self proclaimed head of the Antioch Bible Church, based in Redmond, the home of Microsoft's headquarters. Microsoft has a strong diversity policy and LGBT staff enjoy a well-funded employee group. Mr Hutcherson told a shareholders' meeting that he would be the company's "worst nightmare", threatening that he has the support of not only the 3,500 members of his church, but perhaps also millions of evangelical Christians and orthodox Jews.", 18 November 2007
I think that would open up to a new era of Microsoft jokes.

‘Miracle’ fuel that made a mockery of Mugabe

"When Nomatter Tagarira, a spirit medium, claimed that she could conjure refined diesel out of a rock by striking it with her staff, ministers in Robert Mugabe’s Government believed that they might have found the solution to Zimbabwe’s perennial fuel shortage.
She laid pipes from the bowser to a point at the bottom of the hill. Whenever she assembled an audience, she would strike a rock and an assistant at the top of the hill would open the tap and lo, fuel would pour out. The bowser eventually ran dry but that didn’t stop Ms Tagarira. “They would buy diesel from lorry drivers and keep it in the pipe on the pretext it was coming from a rock,” the docket said."
The Times, October 27, 2007

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Master of arts in Diplomacy

Look at the ad at the top. This screenshot from World Nut Daily totally screams diplomacy. What kind of diplomats does Norwich University expect to get from the readers of WND? That's right, Norwich University is a private military college so I guess "diplomacy" means something completely different over there.