Tuesday, 5 June 2007

People who are atheists suffer from a lack of intelligence

"People who are atheists suffer from a lack of intelligence. Religionists believe that a Creation demands a Creator. My temple office is in the Back Bay. If any person would find a $1,000 watch there, it would dictate that there was a designer and a craftsman who could make such a watch. Common reason illustrates that someone had to leave the watch there. So it is the case with the universe.

Religion solves the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? The obvious answer is the chicken, because God created all its creatures. Many people mistakenly abandon religion because the world is billions of years old. You don't have to accept the entire Bible to believe in God.

Those people who don't believe in God have little meaning in life. Without a God, there is no morality or sense of social justice. What basis for these two principles would you follow? A sense of religion anchors you and gives you meaning. When something goes wrong with your life, you have something to fall back on. If one accepts that there is a God, then there are only two dilemmas in life: the problem of evil and pain. These are tough questions to answer. However, without a God or sense of religion, tougher questions arise — like a purpose in life. To the atheist, life is simply an accident without any purpose. If there is no God, then one must answer all the other questions that life poses."

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein Daily Pilot, Jun 01, 2007
Quite unintelligent views.
1. A creation does not a creator yes, but if it's not a creation it does not need a creator! The clock has a note saying "Made in Switzerland". There is no such thing on the earth, nor anything else pointing towards it being a creation so the comparison.is faulty.
2. Evolution solves the chicken and egg question, because a pre-chicken animal laid eggs that gradually turned into chickens. (I know this is hard to understand for many religious people)
3. Morality is evolutionary. Religions are just one way to explain and build upon our biological morals, and a very old and faulty one too. See: If It Feels Good to Be Good, It Might Be Only Natural

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