Friday, 18 April 2008

Public pool bars father and son from its 'Muslim-only' swimming session

"A father and his five-year-old son were turned away from their local swimming pool because they were the wrong religion.
David Toube, 39, and his son Harry were told that the Sunday morning session was reserved for Muslim men only.


A leisure centre spokesman said staff were wrong to refuse entry to Mr Toube.
He added: "The member of staff the user spoke with at the time was mistaken when referring to the session as Muslim-only.
"The men's modesty session is not a private hire and is, therefore, open to the public.
"Staff cannot ask your religion on entrance and you won't be refused entry if you don't appear to be Muslim."
A spokesman for the Equality and Human Rights Commission said: "Segregating services may amount to unlawful discrimination and could create a sense of unfairness, inadvertently increasing community tension."

Daily Mail, 18th April 2008

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