Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Very, very religious

"The gunman believed to have killed four people at a megachurch and a missionary training school had been thrown out of the school a few years ago and had been sending it hate mail, police said in court papers Monday.
The gunman was identified as Matthew Murray, 24, who was home-schooled in what a friend said was a deeply religious Christian household. Murray's father is a neurologist and a leading multiple-sclerosis researcher.


A neighbor, Cody Askeland, 19, said the brothers were home-schooled, describing the whole family as "very, very religious.""

Yahoo, Associated Press, Dec 10 2007
Sad story of course, but I think anyone can see that the strong religious convictions of his family never did him much good.
There's another thing:
"I was just expecting for the next gunshot to be coming through my car. Miraculously — by the grace of God — it did not," she told ABC's "Good Morning America."
But "by the grace of God" he killed four people. If God exists, then he allowed this to happen. The religious world view is very sick indeed.

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