Saturday, 15 September 2007

Suicide leap woman 'told she was possessed'

"A British woman threw herself to her death in Paris after two French "mediums" convinced her that she was possessed by evil spirits, a court has heard.
Miss Hateley, who also claimed in her final hours to be plagued by hallucinations and that she was the victim of a sect that had fleeced her of her savings, committed suicide on Aug 26, 2000.
The circumstances surrounding her death have only now come to the attention of the French courts alongside related investigations into the alleged activities of the mediums. The two men, Grégory Selo and Laurent Sousa, have appeared in court to face the charge of "non-assistance of a person in danger", which they deny.


She saw an advert for a medium in a newspaper and made contact with Selo, aged 25 at the time and a convicted drug dealer who called himself "Angel of Gods".
"He gave her advice over the phone, told her to lie down to energise herself and she kept giving money," said Mrs Hawary.
"Little by little she became more fragile. He was aware of this, and exploited her weakness to take money. She borrowed from everyone - her friends, family, from work."
She spent 10,000 euros (£6,800) - including all her savings - over a six-month period, trying to rid herself of her bedevilment.", 15/09/2007

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